Movement No. 1 - Sphaera Cosmica -


Aluminum, photographic lenses 

4.2m x 2.6m x 2.4m

Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo / Japan,  

Seibu Gakuen Bunri, Saitama / Japan

The sculpture consists of 212 parts connected with about 1000 bolts to a single continuous membrane, in which the inside and outside is twice reversed. Despite the complex appearance, the sculpture consists of only 3 different modular elements. Part of the sculpture remains fragmentary, revealing the inner layers. All proportions, up to the size of every single bold, follow a system based on fractional harmonics and rhythmical repetition. “Canon Perpetuus” is the title of a section from J.S. Bach’s ‘Musical Offering’, a composition based heavily on the continuous repetition of several layered modular themes. The work was awarded the Kajima Art Prize for Sculpture in 1998.

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