Landscapes / Planetary Cells / Berg 1-4


Mixed media 

various sizes

(from 120 x 120mm up to 3.6m x 5.2m)

First shown 2001 at the Yokohama Triennale, ICC Tokyo, Roentgen Art Space, Artium Fukuoka, and several exhibitions in the U.S. and Canada, the works consist of several synthetic landscape models created from geometric and mathematical patterns in various sizes. Using projection mapping, changes in daylight, weather and seasons are reproduced in loops of 5 to 15 minutes. The actual time, the time span of a day and that of a year, plays out in the same time frame. Exhibition visitors sometimes remain motionless for a long time to observe these changes, sometimes without being aware of the duration. It seems that by using elements that are familiar to anyone, such as landscapes, light, and weather changes, these works can trigger access one's own memories and re-live personal experiences in certain scenic situations.


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