The Vessel Project Part I - The Flying Dutchman



38.0m x 4.0m x 4.0m

Yokohama / Japan

This large-scale wooden installation, placed in a former shipyard in Yokohama and build over a period of six weeks with the help of numerous volunteers, was the first in the "Vessel Projects" series. Using the metaphor of a fragmentary and ever-changing entity, this series draws on various literary sources and myths that revolve around the theme of the ever-changing state of any living being. As an example, the human body has no age or state which can be described as complete or best. Rather, it is a gradual and constant transformation of body and mind between birth and death through various stages. Inspired by the legend of the ghost ship "The Flying Dutchman", this first installation, looks at this from the point of view of the undead protagonist's unchanging perception of time. (“The Dutchman is forever seeking, forever prepared and forever unready.")

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