The Vessel Project Part IV - Molly Aida



38.0m x 4.0m x 4.0m

Danongdafu Forest Park, 

Hualien / Taiwan

Placed within the Danongdafu Forest Park between two high mountain ranges in Hualien, Taiwan, the large object feels entirely alien, not part of it’s surroundings. “Molly Aida” is the name of a ship in the 1982 movie “Fitzcarraldo” by Werner Herzog. In this movie Fitzcarraldo is a opera-loving adventurer, who embarks on the mission to carry a 350 ton ship over a jungle-hill within a completely undiscovered and hostile area of Peru, to connect two rivers and open up a new transport route for natural rubber. The task is completed, but Fitzcarraldo loses everything in the process. What stays are the remains of an unconquered dream and the iconic image of a ship, moving slowly over a steep hill between high trees.


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