Solo Exhibition

Exhibition dates2018.07.14 – 2018.10.08

Exhibition venueNizayama Forest Art Museum


Waldmärchen is a combination of the German word ‘Wald’ (forest) and ‘Märchen’ (tales). A place between fiction and reality, between kitsch and solemnity. Large installations of wood, stage-like objects, sculptures and drawings, form an interwoven narrative in the former hydro-electric power-station. “Tableaux” is a series of new video-works, using 10 short pieces of music and the unique industrial features of the museum-building as starting-point. Architecture, landscapes, ancient tales and elements from popular culture connect to a colorful tapestry of fragmentary, yet connected stories. Mythological figures and SF Pulp characters moves equally through the urban density of modern cities. A giant rock from the Alps sits next to a nearly identical rock from the Pacific.

It is a diverse world. Gods and Monsters, real and fictional, inhabit this world. Tales found in the unconscious forests of different cultures and different ages shaped by different minds. Strange tales, but somehow familiar and relatable; like revisiting ones own dreams.

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