Wanderer IV


HD Video 10:00 min, looped

Double Square Gallery, Taipei / Taiwan

A camera is moving at constant speed through a series of rooms, passing various contrasting situations, objects and landscapes. Wandering, thrifting, dreaming through an unknown, yet somehow familiar world, following a dreamlike logic. All videos of this series are exactly ten minutes (14400 frames) long, cover the same distance at the same speed and end on an identical frame as they start. The locations, objects and sounds in the Wanderer series are all linked to an interwoven, dreamlike nonverbal narrative. The rooms, locations and objects are used in a similar way as musical elements in symphonic compositions. Some composers, especially in the early twentieth century, took measure and rhythm from wandering through mountains, landscapes and cities. Gustav Mahler originally intended to name the movements of his third symphony “What the forest tells me, What the trees tell me, What twilight tells me...” In this sense the layout of the rooms, follow a classic symphonic structure with three movements of similar length. The first part has three sections (themes), the second part is split in two sections and the last part is one continuous space. The room layout allows further sub-sections (themes) to be added or removed, while the camera without speeding up or slowing down is constantly moving on. As in real life, time is the only unforgiving constant in this world. However the active manipulation of the subjective experience of time remains very much a central part of the video.

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